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PSES building
In early 2008, PSES embarked on the process of constructing its own building to house the school's growing activities. The building will be the first "green building" at Tel Aviv University, and one of the first of its kind in Israel. It will employ a range of environmental technologies, including photovoltaic panels for energy production and wastewater recycling, and will also act as a unique building-wide "laboratory" for studying green building and environmental research. In the future the building will serve as a research platform for advanced green building technologies and building systems.
The building will include classrooms and lecture halls, auditorium and offices, and will be a meeting place for environmental researchers from across the campus as well as environmental professionals from industry, government and NGOs.
The building will be designed by an architectural team made up of: Axelrod-Grobman Architects; Chen Architects and architect Joseph Cory (Geotectura Studio). The team was selected from among approximately 40 Israeli architectural firms who submitted proposals for the design of the building.  
The construction of the PSES Green Building is made possible by the generous donation of the Porter Foundation.
The building is due to be completed during 2013.



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